FF: Can you frag me?

Unknown Mami

This week comes to you via the theme song of Covert Affairs, “Can you save me”?

I am completely hooked on Covert Affairs. It caught my eye on Amazon and what do you know… it was free to watch the first 3 seasons 😉 Caught up on most of the first season while hubby was gone over the weekend 😉 But all the suspense of her almost getting caught cost me some sleep!!


Something quite scary happened for some tourists to Denali National Park. They were charged by a moose! This is exactly why I carry a trail gun hiking around here. The wild life in Alaska can and will kill you 😦 Kudos to the airman who kept calm, looked for a humane escape, and was able to preserve the lives of his guests.

We will be hiking in Denali the next couple days. It is always sobering to read about such things before a fun trip.


I am pretty new to the whole Pinterest thing, but I recieved a huge honor this week. One of my pins was repinned by the South Carolina State Fair group!! It’s from my healthy corn dog recipe. Isn’t that cool??? Here is my post with the recipe and here is the pin you can see on the SC State Fair page. 


Another great Pinterest find is this house cleaning schedule and free printable. We do something very similar to keep up on cleaning around here with the kids chore charts. This is quite pretty to display and to help keep you on track for housework 🙂


I hate earthquakes. We were warned by the natives and sourdoughs that we do get occasional earthquakes here. The last 2 have been at night 😦  The worst part about that is being shaken awake, having the ground still shake, and trying to quickly come up with a plan to get all the kids out of the house safely if it gets so bad the house begins sliding down our hill. Wednesday was a short violent one. But it was enough to make my nerves go nutty for a while and not let me get back to sleep.


We will be taking our first family plane flight in the next month or so. I hate flying, am very nervous about the plane staying in the air, but my children are all very excited about it. I would appreciate prayers for the flight and for the important trip we are taking. I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it!!!

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