Your Teacher Pre-Algebra App

Can I tell you a little secret about homeschool parents? We do worry about messing this home education thing up. Homeschooling my children always had an element of fear for me, because of math! Mostly due to my own failings in this subject. I was never the best math student and knew that I would fall woefully short in teaching this subject.

This year, in 7th grade pre-algebra, those fears were realized. I scoured the internet for a DVD set to accompany his Saxon 8/7 Pre Algebra math book, but only found sets that were extremely expensive.

pre algebra

Enter your Teacher Pre-Algebra app for iPad. Thank you so much for creating this $9.99 app.

That price is much easier to handle than the over $200 for the DVD set or the online full curriculum for $100!!! This is the way to go for a frugal, economical way to have video lessons for any pre-algebra course.

The app has a menu for all things pre-algebra.


By clicking on a subject heading, you will discover subheadings for lessons.


Within each lesson, you will find a video to explain the pre-algebra equation along with examples for each equation.



The lessons will walk the student through the equation, step-by-step.


Within each lesson, you will find a practice problem.


A challenge.


And a self test.

This is a great app and I am extremely excited to have run across it!!

If you would like more information on the app and the developers behind it, you can check out Your Teacher’s website. This app will work on all apple devises and would be extremely useful in multiple applications!!



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