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 Friday Fragments

 Friday Fragments 2

I am probably too late to get this linked in. Yesterday when I could have been reading through the carnival, I was stuck in a recliner with no access to a computer to write. It was a bit of a bummer, you know?? I really enjoy the fragments. If you would like to get in on the fragmented fun, hop over to Half Past Kissin Time and share some yourself.

This FF post was started a few weeks ago, so please forgive the dated fragments, but I was hoping you wouldn’t mind me still sharing them 😉


Hey, if you guys would be willing to be a guest blogger for me, I am hosting a Breast Cancer Awareness month of stories. If Breast Cancer has touched your life in some way, please consider sharing with me a story to post. I will happily link it back to your blog or FB page, or whatever. But I would love the help in filling 31 days of Pink Ribbon focus. You can go to the contact me page and shoot me an email so we can work out the details.


My youngest son is the “me do it” type of kid, which is why we get so frustrated with him during evening devotions because he insists on having copycat style help for his personal prayer. Last night hubby was hoping to catch him saying “Noah, if you pray a good prayer all by yourself, you will get a candy treat.” Noah eyed daddy for a moment and asked “a candy tweat?”. This is what we got:

[blockquote align=”center”]Jesus, fank you for dis day. And fank you…um…um…um…um…fank you…um…um… peeze hep me sleep well and not pee da bed. Amen[/blockquote]

I failed in keeping a poker face when I caught hubby’s smirk through slit eyelids. Little booger got his candy treat, too 😉


We started school this week at the house. We had the typical tears from my 8year old over penmanship, but we actually got through the first day with amazing ease. My hubby coached us all, “take it just one day at a time”. I have been praying that this year will be better than last. I sure can’t imagine it being worse…well, maybe I could but I really hope it doesn’t!!!

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”1562″ caption=”First Day of School” align=”center” effect=”grayscale” size=”large” autoHeight=”true” lightbox=”true”]


This week has been a crazy one for us. Thursday night, I was acting foolishly and was staring at my new iOS7 phone instead of watching my feet go down our front stoop. I twisted my right ankle severely, skinned my left knee as I landed on it, and immediately yelled at myself for being so foolish.

Hubby had just got me back into the house (up a front deck steps, very great guy!!) and into a recliner when Josh came running in to say our 6 year old was bleeding. Sure enough, JJ was torn up in his face. We knew it needed more than we had here, so daddy took him to the ER instead of me 😉

My son was very proud of his bravery at the ER. He let me take a pic when he got home and was showing off his treats. He had answered the question several times already, but when the guy came in to patch him up, asked how it happened, my son said “I was racing, and it was a stupid decision.” Some lessons are painful to learn, trust me, I know!!


These are my two new friends



I have to share with you the ecard my father sent me after my fall. I love my dad, and his sense of humor!!! You can play with the puzzle if you want, but the note attached is what had me laughing pretty hard 😉

[button size=”large” align=”center” link=”http://www.bluemountain.com/view.pd?i=295983105&m=6642&rr=y&source=bma999&c=embm63459&utm_medium=internal_email&utm_source=pickup&utm_campaign=receiver” linkTarget=”_blank” bgColor=”#003b64″ textColor=”#FFFFFF”]Daddy’s Card[/button]


College football started this past weekend. My Hawkeyes lost, and I fear we are going to have another ‘building year’ 😦 I track them and my friends’ teams: SC Gamecocks and the WI Badgers on my ESPN app. Of course they won their games 😦 Trying to be happy for Jamie and Keetha… But my favorite football play this past week comes from none of these teams. Let’s see if you can see the trick play first time around 😉


4 thoughts on “FF: Crazy Week”

  1. Hello thanks for visiting my blog. I know the feeling of fragmented days. I pray you and your son are on the mend. Have a Blessed Weekend.

  2. Hey when did you redo your web page? It looks much better than mine. Do it yourself?
    Kids getting injured – oh I don’t miss that. Now I occasionally get involved in grandkids injuries. Never fun.
    All the best.

    1. Well, honestly, the look of it has to do with the theme I purchased for it. If you are self hosted, I can tell you where I found it. I am about to put together a post listing why I am loving WP. Be glad to offer assistance because aside from the skeleton, yes I did all this myself (skins, colors, page layouts).

      Injured kids are no fun 😦

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