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Thankful Thursday

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I have thoroughly enjoyed my series on Remembering Patty! I haven’t had the time to dedicate myself to it as I had hoped, but I am enjoying the memories it has invoked.  It is quite true that we often don’t find the value in a person until they are no longer with us. And I fear I did that to Patty. I know that I appreciated her kindness and love towards me, but I can’t promise that I was very diligent at telling her I loved her.

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These are some of the memories that won’t make full blog posts, but are worth sharing:

~ I am thankful that Patty rocked at potty training! She potty trained both my older two and I have missed her expertise with my other 3.

~ I am thankful for her diligence in writing on the backs of photos! Only my father can rival her photo labeling skills. Just this week as I was scanning photos to share, I found some treasures on the BACKS of photos, in her hand!

[one_half][image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”2161″ align=”center” size=”medium” autoHeight=”true”] [/one_half]

[one_half_last][image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”2162″ align=”center” size=”medium” autoHeight=”true”][/one_half_last]

~ I am thankful that she also wrote in the front of every book she gave the kids. Those are wonderful treasures for the kids!!

~ I am thankful that my children have memories of her. My older 2 have definite memories of their grandmother.

~ Not necessarily associated with Patty, but she was a seasoned military wife. She would have been thrilled right along side me that we appear to have found a house in SC just today. No more haunting  numerous sites for economical rental options. Thank you so much Lord for your bountiful blessing!!!

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This is part of a blogging series “Remembering Patty

Are there blessings in your life you would like to share? Why don’t you count your blessings with us!

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