Friday Fragments

Feel the burn

Friday Fragments

I am surely feeling the burn, burn out that is. It’s a Friday and even while doing an amazing 30 day Challenge, there are only fragments today. So with nothing but fragments, I know exactly who will help with that!! On over to Mrs. 4444 to enjoy some Friday Fragments with the crew.



remembering patty



I am really enjoying this 30 Day Challenge of Remembering Patty. I will tell you it has been emotionally draining! Especially since we are in frantic preparations for a cross country move. I had plenty of ideas to fill the month with, but many of those haven’t had the chance to make it past the draft stage. Just too much going on this month. But my OCD kicks in and I feel like I must finish it or I fail. Have you ever felt like that during a blogging challenge? How do you cope?


Here are the fragments that Patty would have enjoyed from the month:

I think we found a house in SC!! I am extremely excited about this. It is always nice to help a fellow chaplain out when moving to a new base. I am also getting so very excited about the move, I just hope I survivie this next couple weeks till we hit the road. I want so badly to have a blogging series ready for while we are rolling, but holy cow, I can’t find time for that either. Will my readers leave if I disappear for a few weeks??

I am actually going to miss our cabin. I was not on board with such a small house at first, but I have grown to love my little cabin. Have I ever shown you guys a picture of the cabin? I don’t think I have. Isn’t it cute?

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”2198″ align=”center” size=”large” autoHeight=”true”]


Have you noticed a slow down in comments lately? I have. I was fretting about it to my husband. I love  him for his honesty, and he told me that he didn’t find the recipes and such quite as interesting as when I write actual blog posts. That’s a good point. Thanks babe!!

Oh hey, did you guys hear about Martha Stewart’s comment this past week about bloggers not being professionals? Just curious how my blogging community reacted to it. I read a few posts, and it’s not sounding like it went over well for her 😦


I think my friend Andrea has also found a good house option for SC as well, and oh look!! The homes are a quick 6 minutes apart. Woohoo!!! I hope our husbands survive 😉 Bwahahahahaha


My children are truly feeling the excitement and strain of the upcoming move. They ahve been bickering and picking at each other the whole month. They waste a decent chunk of time just bickering about who touched a pencil first or who is the best at some silly task. Several school mornings were put on hold so that the kids could read 1 John 4 and tell me how they were planning to implement the passage that day. I am ready for life to calm down again….as if it does for a military family, right??


I hauled the kids in to the immunization clinic this week for the flu mist. They were out of that 😦 So I had 5 kids who felt betrayed at having to all get the flue shot instead. On top of that, 3 of them needed a booster. I hauled 5 crabby kids home afterwards and proceeded to have a rough night with the 3yr old who reacted with the fever to his booster. I just don’t do well on 4 hours of sleep anymore. I remember when I could pull all-nighters and roll just fine the next day. Not anymore, I can’t!!!!

But I was pretty excited to see my favorite coffee shop also supports the Pink Ribbon October!!

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”2199″ caption=”I will miss Sleepy Dog and their cinnamon rolls!!” align=”center” size=”medium”]


Last, but not least: I was clearing out the memory on our iPad, since the kids use it for school. I usually find some humorous pictures and such. My daughter just cracks me up sometimes. Can you tell she has been watching Good Luck Charlie?


I am clinging to this this month:


This post is part of a blogging series “Remembering Patty”.

5 thoughts on “Feel the burn”

  1. Did your daughter say her dad was approaching at the end?
    Moving is hard on everyone. There is excitement with it though. Just need to stay positive which is easy to say but … – well you know.
    Over the many years of blogging I’m still not sure what works and what doesn’t. I’ve decided I’ll just create posts that I like and leave it at that. Don’t worry about a blog break – it helps.

    1. I will have to listen again, I think she said something about a crazy boy (her oldest brother) approaching.

      The blogging keys are just hard to figure out. My hubby basically mirrored your advice. He suggested I stop chasing pins or comments and just write from my heart. It’s good advice 🙂 I enjoy your humor, I just don’t seem to find the time right now to read it often.

  2. I don’t envy you, moving enough to drive a person insane. Your cabin looks like a great place, and that inspirational quote at the end of your post is wonderful.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you, Nita, I hope your weekend has been going well too! I will be happy to be on the road. This month has been a bit intense, but thankfully I am actually handling it well. I am just read for a slow down 😉

  3. I will keep you and your family in my prayers as you travel. We will all be here waiting to read about your adventure when you get settled.
    I just traveled through South Carolina and it is such a beautiful state.
    Your daughter is hysterical and adorable.

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