Make a List


Day Four

I am a classic list maker. I love making lists old school with pen and paper, or on my favorite list app, Paperless (here is my app review). Either way you slice it, I will write things in list form just to experience the joy of marking things off! No joke, true confession.

Lists are essential in a military move, especially when you only have 5 weeks to make things happen! I happen to love the comprehensive lists found at Military.com. I believe they would be useful to anyone (military or civilian) who is looking forward to a move.

Preparing for our military move:

~ Make packlist for suitcase

~ Consider and chart our travel route

~ Contact family and friends along the route, adjust the ‘pencil’ plan if necessary

~ Check weather patterns for the Alaska Highway in November, adapt driving plan accordingly

~ Look into possible hotel deals, make the ‘pencil’ plan

~ Make appointment for putting studded tires on

~ Begin house hunting

~ Make list for purging and organizing household

~ Schedule transportation brief

~ Schedule housing good pack out and pick up, adjust travel plans accordingly

~ Book temporary lodging during pack out

~ Make list of cleaning supplies I need to clean the house after the pack out

~ Schedule key return for rental property

~ Begin house hunting

~ Plan the fun days to give us a break during the move

This last one is very important for our family. Military moves can be stressful, so we plan in breaks and fun days to gel as a family unit. This also gives us a chance to drive around our current stomping ground to make memories and take pictures. It never ceases to amaze me that even after all the military moves I have done, there is still the need for lists and reminders. The time flies by and the move happens sooner than expected, every time. Keepting lists keeps me sane!

This is part of a blogging series “Planning a Military Move“.

military move


2 thoughts on “Make a List”

    1. Making the list is pretty fun too 😉 I hope I have time to get the milepost post done. That was fun doing the trip planning!!

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