Frustration and Tension

Day Nineteen

This PCS was a bit different because we lived through a government shut down. There were a couple weeks when we thought we may be delayed up here in Alaska. A delay would have been nice in the homeschooling, playdate arenas, but not in the traveling arena. We were right! We were put on hold until 2 weeks before we were sling shotted out of Alaska. This means that we had 2 weeks to make travel plans and reservations. We also had to pray that our initial pack out days were still reserved! We had been keeping our eye on the weather patterns along the Alaska Hwy and began to pray over the snow storm brewing from the west.

I had a shorter time to pack the travel bags and arrange child care for the little ones. I can’t express my thanks to our church family in Wasilla for being a huge support base during this time!! Picking up kids, keeping kids, providing meals were all a huge blessing!! A military wife needs these things! These crazy times require such support and I love how God provides for us these gifts!!

Here are a few pics from the crazy weeks of moving. It was just such a crazy intense time. Truly, without those friends, this mama may have lost her mind 😉

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Living in ‘boxland’

[/wc_column][wc_column size=”one-third”]

Molly and Me

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JJ playing with friends


This is part of a blogging series Planning a Military Move.

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