A Ring Has Memories

Memory Lane

A ring has many memories, or at least mine does. My wedding band was given to me over 17 years ago by a young Private First Class in the Army. That PFC didn’t make what they make today. My ring sat shining out from under the jewelry counter at the Fort Lewis PX, just waiting for someone to choose it. It can remember the care and thought that this young soldier put into choosing just the right ring for his young bride and was thrilled to be chosen to adorn his loved ones finger. It remembers the turmoil of the young soldier when new orders came down for a PCS at the time of a planned wedding. It knows all about the scrambled change of plans as the young couple attempts to move a wedding to a date just three weeks away. It remembers when this young soldier dropped to one knee in his brother’s bedroom to finally place it upon my hand…just days before the wedding.

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The ring remembers so many good memories: babies being born, new homes to walk through, boxes to open for unpacking, and all the miles it has traveled around this country. It remembers the bad things too. It remembers the years it was disposed and unwanted. It remembers hearing it’s owner wish she had something bigger like ‘everyone else’. It remembers the discussions about abandoning it to a box into storage or possibly being sold off. 

I hope it remembers the blood, sweat, and tears that caused it’s owner to love it. All those miles, all those babies, all those boxes, all the struggles that made me love it. My ring has many memories, 17 years of marriage between 2 imperfect people, but thankfully founded on Christ. The ring has memories because it is the symbol of my marriage and all that has been put into my marriage. Which is why it was a very traumatic day when the diamond fell out of my ring at the beginning of January, shortly after our 17th Anniversary.

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Because of all the memories in the ring, we are having a hard time deciding what to do with the replacement. My husband naturally wants to give me something bigger and more worthy 😉 The poor man has an excellent memory (like the ring) and he would like to give me what I have ‘always wanted’. But the memories, the symbol that my ring is now, makes it very hard for me to not just want a new diamond in this band. Tears come to my eyes when he places the simple replacement band on my finger, because it is just not my ring!

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I have to tell you, honestly, the idea hubby has for my replacement ring sounds amazing! Symbols are a huge deal to him as well. He has envisioned a simple band with 3 gems: 2 rubies on each side of a diamond. The rubies symbolize two people who have invested blood, sweat, and tears into this marriage. Between the Army and its facets, to include deployments, and birthing our 5 babies, we have both ‘given’ to this marriage. We have both grown and been refined by God by our marriage, it has been a source of painful sanctification for us both and out of those struggles, a beautiful marriage has come to be, which will be symbolized by a diamond in the middle of the rubies. Wow. I got choked up just listening to my husband talk about it. No decision has been made, we are still thinking and considering what will become the new symbol and what will begin gathering memories as it sits on my left hand.

2 thoughts on “A Ring Has Memories

  1. AWWW!! I remember those kids. Take time to decide on how to replace. A decision is usually better if it has had time to roll around awhile.

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