Music and Memories

Music is a powerful thing for many people, myself among them. Many songs from my childhood and teen years will transport me back in time to memoriesĀ that can make me smile, laugh, or even cry. My go to song for this concept use to be Kenny Chesney’s “I Go Back“. However recently I heard a … More Music and Memories

Chaplain Anniversary

More fun memories from the past. In general, I really enjoyed celebrations with the Chaplain Corps. They are fun and have that sense of teamwork that I love! This post was written back in 2010. This Friday we celebrated the 235th anniversary of the Chaplain Corps. First we were serenaded by the Army’s Brass Quintet … More Chaplain Anniversary

Remembering Patty

My life was in chaos amidst a move this past October and I never got this re-posted. Every October, I remember Patty and though I don’t like to wear pink, I will do it for Patty. You can explore for yourself and discover why. Remembering Patty Most Americans are aware that October is Breast Cancer … More Remembering Patty