HS: Immigration and Industrial Giants

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This is a combined post from the last 3 weeks of homeschool. We headed south to Florida for a delightful visit with friends from our seminary days. The Jacksonville area of Florida is quite lovely, but note that your GPS is going to add minutes to your drive time as you move. It’s pretty optimistic about your trip until you actually begin rolling through red lights 😉

I’ve had an upswing in the spam comments again lately. Very interesting the spam stuff, eh? I am sharing my favorite from this week. Just imagine, searching for just the right blog for 3 whole days???

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We got our passports this week! That is a huge burden taken care of and one more thing to check on the checklist. We also got our orders, but hubby will be heading over before us to secure housing. There is apparently no housing that would fit a house our size….I’m shocked 😉


It’s been a lovely, light week for us here. We have had a bit of running around to do, so it was a blessing to have a light week. We are still learning about Africa’s history and the industrial giants of America. Reading about the giants ended up being a great character study for our homeschool. Doing amazing things and building business takes guts and stamina, but do the ends justify the means? Is money-making admirable or does a poor character tarnish the gold earned?

~ John D. Rockefeller made it a habit, once he became wealthy, to give 10% of his earnings to religious and charitable organizations.

~ Rockefeller Jr. chose to clean up an entire New York city block, removing the bars and building a useful building. When the depression hit, he kept 75,000 folks employed out of his own pocket to complete

~ Cornelius got his start by making a deal with his mother in order for him to buy a boat and begin a ferry service in New York Harbor.

~ Cornelius ‘Commodore’ Vanderbilt had his wife committed to an insane asylum because she didn’t want to move with him from Staten Island to Manhattan.

~ Several of the 13 Vanderbilt went to court to contest the will of the Commodore. After taking his inheritance portion for a world tour, the younger son committed suicide in his hotel.


You have taken to cheat me. I won’t sue you, for law is too slow. I’ll ruin you.



  • Africa: A Voyage of Discovery. Each episode was 50m long. We only watched the first couple. Warning: nudity exists in the pictures and images.
  • Andrew Carnegie. Biography channel video, rated TV-14, so only my junior high kids watched it.
  • Cornelius Vanderbuilt.  Youtube video of the Vanderbuilt biography. The Commodore was a rough character and this biography speaks of his flawed character openly. Quote discussing the D word is repeated at minute 16.
  • Ellis Island. Excellent video about immigrants going through Ellis Island.
  • Immigrations of 1880. Photos and images of immigration put together with music.
  • John D. Rockefeller. Biography channel video, rated TV-14.
  • Presidents: U.S.S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James Garfield, Grover Cleveland, . Separate, short videos highlighting each presidency.
  • Rudyard Kipling. Biography channel, rated TV-14, so beware of Rudyards early life in India visiting brothels and his early writing of sex that is discussed.


  • Andrew Carnegie. From rags to riches, website that walks you through Andrew’s life.
  • Degas for kids. Great little walk through of Degas art (ballerinas) from the Philedelphia Museum of Art.
  • Degas art for your homeschool. This is an excellent post from Harrington Harmonies!
  • Monet for kids. A walk through the garden with Monet from the National Gallery of Victoria.
  • The Statue of Liberty. Delightful, online book concerning the history of it and the construction of Lady Liberty, done by the National Park Service. 

We actually did some art this week, which is rare and unique for me as art really is new to my vocabulary 😉 We watched a video to show us how to paint like Monet which helped my students!

We also ate boiled cabbage this week for lunch, just like the immigrants enjoyed. We had the added benefit of several spices and some beef stock. My kids were a bit dismayed when I announced what lunch was going to be, which was a great lesson in being thankful for what we have. It didn’t turn out too bad!


Links to share…

If you have ever wanted to fly like an eagle, here is your chance!!

I also am promoting a book that I found very useful in working the kids into the housekeeping. It’s older, called 401 Way To Get the Kids to Help.

Funny Image…

With SC dropping thick, yellow pollen all over, we are missing our Alaskan experience of no medication needed to survive the spring ‘breakup’!!! (though the mosquitoes there were ridiculous!)


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