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This is one of the first app reviews I have ever done, and I wouldn’t change a thing! This app is still one of my absolute favorites and I would highly recommend buying it!!! My children know more state facts and flags than I do. My kids beg to play it and they cheer each other on with each accomplishment. It’s a team building exercise for my kiddos, and I believe you may also enjoy it yourself 😉

Stack the States is a geography facts game combined with fun facts.

It is currently $.99!!!  I bought it early last year for  $2.99 and I still believe it was worth it!!


Multiple players can play the game. You can see that Mommy gets in on this one 😉


These are the types of questions asked in the app: statehood facts, state flag, state motto, state monuments, etc. Some questions do repeat during subsequent plays.



When you answer the questions correctly, you earn states.

You have to stack your states to tower past the finish line. You can rotate the states to stack them better. You can also lower them to just above where you want them to drop. This can avoid toppling your stack of states.

This finish line gets higher and higher as you advance levels. I have not yet passed the half way point with my playing 😉

But watch how you stack them! I didn’t get a good screen shot, but Wyoming and Hawaii are both falling here because I stacked Colorado at an angle 😦

This is why I have not advanced very far, hahahaha.

Level completed!! Now I earn a state for my map!

These are the states my 5 year old has earned.

You can interact with your map. If you tap a state, it will spin towards you, introduce itself, and then spin back into place.

My children have impressed adults with their state knowledge and because they are just so excited about this app and their accomplishments. I love watching the kids get so excited about learning… they hardly know they are doing it 😉

4 thoughts on “Stack the States App”

  1. My boys love this app too. It is awesome. I have even enjoyed playing it (learned from it). We love Stack the Countries too. Try that for a challenge! My almost 3 year old son loves making his own sound effects as the states/countries are falling.

    1. We do have that one and enjoy it too. Would you like to do the review on it and link it in?? I don’t mind. There are so many I want to review and just don’t find the time.

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