Jamberry Christmas


Have you heard of Jamberry yet? I hadn’t either till my cousin’s wife asked me to host a party. Not being much of a prissy girl, I shied away when she told me it was nail wraps, or nail decorations. But after trying my first set, I must admit, I am hooked! It’s so easy to do and so much cheaper than a mani or pedi!

  1. you push back your cuticles
  2. then you run a file over your whole nail, gently, to create a rough surface
  3. then you wash your hands
  4. rub your nails with rubbing alcohol
  5. size your Jamberry nail wrap for full coverage of your nail
  6. cut the wrap to just above the tip of your current nail
  7. remove the adhesive wrap and center on the nail
  8. press the wrap on for 30 seconds
  9. use your blow dryer on medium to adhere the wrap to your nail
  10. file the excess off the end

It’s just that simple!! Even I can do it! Here are some of the Christmas wrap options!


For these or more fabulous Christmas nail wrap options visit: Jamberry Nails.

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