Chocolate Fest

[wc_googlemap title=”International Schokolodenfestival” location=”Am Markt 1, Tübingen, Germany 72070″ zoom=”15″ height=”250″]

Tübingen, Germany was first mentioned in writing back in 1078 but didn’t become a town until the 13th century under the Palatine Counts of Tübingen. It became a ‘university’ town in the 15th century under Count Erberhard im Barte. The historic university is still there as well as many of the historic buildings which include the castle in ‘altstadt’ (old city). What drew us to this town last Friday was their Internationales Schokoladenfestival, or International Chocolate Fest!

I am not a huge chocolate fan (I know, I know), but my family is! Hubby was excited to see just how ‘international’ the fest was going to be and our youngest just wanted some hot cocoa. Thankfully, the old city is not a huge geographical area, so walking the fest was not a challenge, but beware the hills! Wet cobble stone, small streets, and a huge crowd did make traversing the fest a bit harder than I expected. I also had my first ever, true fest style gluhwein! Here in Germany, it is actually true spiced wine, not any sort of apple juice or apple cider concoction. I found it to be too bitter for me and I do prefer our homemade version of spiced wine/cider 😉 Hubby thought it tasted fine…after consuming half the cup! It sure did feel good on my cold hands, though.

We found chocolate bars, chocolate bricks, chocolate gears, chocolate pliers, fruit covered in chocolate, marshmallows covered in chocolate, and a whole host of various forms of chocolate! The drinking chocolate was creamy and smooth! What did bum us out was the lack of ‘international’ found at the fest. We only found one ‘out of town’ chocolate from Africa. Hubby just had to try chocolate with hot peppers in it. I was not a fan 😉

The most amazing sight to see at the chocolate fest was the chocolate art! A talented artist was creating a masterpiece, a lovely German scene, out of chocolate! I was very impressed! I do wish I could have shared this experience with my family and friends!! Many of them are choco-holics and would have been more enameled with the booths than I was. We also had a slight meltdown when my 4-year-old wanted a stick of fruit, but didn’t want any chocolate covering it! I know right!!?? That’s the perfect application for chocolate!

If you would like to know more about the Tübingen Chocolate Fest, you can click on that link. To view the website in English, you will need to use Chrome or a translation extension. Here is a cute video of the SchokolART Fest from 2013. 

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