Wrapping Up Vietnam


How many folks are suffering through whatever this yucky tummy bug this has been? I know many in the US are sick and folks here in Germany are also dropping like flies. Our chapel community has suffered quite a bit, and we are all looking forward to spring and good weather to get outside! Last week was a big project week in my own coursework and I am just now getting to work through the Wrap-Up posts. Thank you to those who visited and commented, I should have more time to return the visit now.

Many of you posted your Valentine’s Day gifts last week and it inspired me. Hubby and I tend towards the practical type of gifts, or at least we are at the ages where practical wins out over romantic 😉 We also chose to forego candy this year and went for usable gifts all around, including the kids. It doesn’t sounds like much, but I love my water-hog mat! The kids routinely let water puddle at the dispenser and one good freezer door fling sends that water all over these tiles. Wet German tiles are deadly and I nearly pull muscles when I hit them. The mat has kept me up-right now for a couple of weeks. That’s love right there, y’all!!!


We had a lighter week of schooling with activities, social time, and hubby flying out for a long weekend. We are doing a shorter day of work today so we can relax after chores with pizza/movie night. This week we dove into the Vietnam War more fully and learned more about Martin Luther King, Jr. The kids are really enjoying that book: 10,000 Days of Thunder. Having a military family, we have an amazing amount of first hand experience for Vietnam as well. These guys had it pretty hard coming back. No clapping or welcoming ribbons for them. They were shunned and despised. I am so thankful our country is trying to do better for these veterans who are still shy about sharing their experiences 😦

Bekah is having a blast with her web courses. She was pretty proud of herself with the basic layout she designed this week. I will definitely share with you guys her finished, pretty project. JJ also wrote his very first story for his writing assignment this week. Having boys means our stories have odd sounding characters and dangerous situations. His story did offer a learning moment for real life, which was nice. 




This week we honored Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Dwight D. Eisenhower with food 😉 As we were studying this decade, we also chose to enjoy these men’s favorite foods. Dr. King loved fried chicken and I attempted a friend’s southern-style fried chicken recipe. It was excellent!!! President Eisenhower loved beef stew (being a Kansas man, of course!). We also enjoyed some Asian flavor with Bang, Bang Shrimp. 

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4 thoughts on “Wrapping Up Vietnam”

  1. Yup, practical wins out now! Your son’s face on the bottom right is priceless! He’s like where’s my candy? Sounds like a good week. Thank you for all you sacrifice for our freedom!

  2. Sounds like a great week! I’m so looking forward to studying the last century or so. We’ve been in the long distant past for what seems like forever. Another couple of years and it’ll be all about the wars and my son (and his mother) can’t wait!
    Have a lovely week end, Kay!

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