Throwback Thursday

This Is My Father’s World

Today we are reaching back into the archives for Throwback Thursday. Not only do I enjoy this hymn, but I love looking at these old videos to see just how much my kiddos have grown over the years! This is from our ‘home church’ in Maryland and seeing the other kids who I know have also grown so very much since this was posted. It just makes me miss these folks and miss these ‘little kids’ so much!!

2 thoughts on “This Is My Father’s World”

  1. 🙂 Aw, how sweet! The boys and I sat and watched it together. Thomas picked out Danny and Bekah right away. I think his favorite part was when Danny gave you a thumbs up.

  2. i sort of got him in trouble with that one, because i gave it back. they were told NOT to wave at their parents. thankfully i really don’t think he got caught, but i felt bad!!! i am so one of those moms!!!

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