Weekly Wrap: Summer Break


~I am finally back to blogging with the end of our homeschool year and the end of a semester of intense college coursework!! I have some cleaning to do here and I have also taken on the huge task of cataloging our home library. My little helpers did have fun scanning book bar codes because our program makes these very humorous noises when it is reading those barcodes. They did 20 books all by themselves!!!

~We also had a birthday this month. My baby turned 5! You can see my less-than-fabulous cake attempt below. I am not a cake decorator, but our family tradition is that mommy makes the birthday cakes. The one year I bought one for my daughter, I was reminded that mommy cakes are the best đŸ™‚

May Collage

~We took a late Spring Break this year to coincide with my hubby’s schedule. He went on a TDY (temporary duty) and we all took our Grimm Brother’s Fairy Tale trip. We had a great trip and the kids were excellent traveling companions! I will get that trip written up so that others can travel the route as well. My daughter has already written about her experiences on the trip here.

~I rediscovered a part of free WordPress I love: commenting on WP posts!! If you also have a WP blog, I can easily comment directly from my blog reader. I love that part!! It’s just fun!

~I have had a rash of odd spam comments again. I would love to understand why they come in such odd waives. One of my older posts had over 200 spam comments alone! Here is one of my favorites from this round:

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~My daughter finished her HTML coursework and has begun blogging! You can find her at Bekah the Bookworm. She chose to hang out on Blogspot for now because of the fun she is having with coding. WP doesn’t really allow for that in the free realm. Please let me know if your tween has a blog as well. I am hoping to have a tween writing prompt for the group to enjoy. Wasn’t there one of those already? I can’t seem to find it.

~We are nearing the end of our school year. I am excited to be done just to be able to take off the ‘teacher’ hat. It hasn’t been a horrible year for us. We did learn that our older two were struggling with mathematics, but I believe we found a great alternative that is helping them grasp the concepts. We also didn’t struggle with attitudes this year. It took a long time for our kids to find their groove here in Germany, but we are there now, too. Overall, this has been a good year and I am very thankful for that! God has been gracious to grant us that!


~We finished our Tapestry of Grace Year 4 this past year. It was the year of wars and my kids learned about the start of them all. One thing my children also realized is that war is always a complicated thing. Except for WWI. That was really a war between powerful family members for position as “King of the Hill”. Very sad! Some of the historic facts we learned:

  • In 1910, all the European and Russian rulers were related to each other through Queen Victoria.
  • Archduke Ferdinand (whose assassination kicked off WWI) was not popular. His own family didn’t mourn his death, yet they went to war with their neighbors/relatives over his death.
  • Europe experienced a horrible Depression after WWI, just like the US had.
  • Stalin was much more brutal as a dictator than Hitler and Mussolini combined!
  • Stalin was once banned from Russia for causing uprisings.
  • Hitler’s personal train car was named America.

~ This is a very funny video from the stage performers of Twisted. I always wandered what ‘their’ side of the Disney stories were đŸ˜‰

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1 thought on “Weekly Wrap: Summer Break”

  1. I suggest you explain TDY for your non-military readers. I remember many of those. Some lasting months.
    I’m sure that spam comment came from a non-english speaking country.
    Interesting fact about the Archduke assassination.
    I enjoyed the twisted clip.

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