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Battling the Unknown

Wow, I found this post hidden in the ‘drafts’ from way back in 2010. It is so apropos because so many of my close friends in the military are dealing with this exact thing right now!

The unknown is just getting to me today!! I was having a txt war with my friend (since we have no time for conversations with kids and 3yr olds to deal with) and she mentioned wanting to know what was going to happen next spring. See, with military families there is this impending ‘move’ called PCS (Permanent Change of Station) that hangs over our heads. Sometimes it pops out of no where. Our first PCS happened just like that. We had been in our very first home purchase for a mere 4 months when we got a call offering an overseas assignment in Korea. We turned it down at the time, but were adequately warned that we would receive moving orders in 3 months for a move in 6 months.

Christmas 2009 in our first home

You also have the ‘possible’ move. You know you are going to work on a special assignment or school option and you have the whole packet/request thing submitted (like when we entered the military after seminary). You get to wonder if they looked over your information, if they liked what they saw, if they ‘hire’ you for whatever you are hoping for, and then when you find out you have to wonder where they will send you after you are accepted.

Then you have the impending move. You know they are going to move you around, you are due for the shuffling, but you have no idea where or when. This where we are. We know they are going to move us next summer. We are doing a year long school in the DC area and next summer we have our follow on tour. The great news is this tour should be a full 3 years long. Since 2006, we have done: 20 months in North Carolina, 10 months in Kansas, and we are looking at 14 months here in DC, so an impending move is on the horizon.

Oh, I forget to mention that we need a tiny 6 month thing in SC down the road. Anyway, I do enjoy looking around this country and getting to experience what some people never will. However, the stress makes me chew my nails or worse…. I can look online at the various places we COULD move and do my obsessive house hunting. But that can be worse because then I fall in love with a place only to NOT go there to get it. Ah, the military life… but I do enjoy it. It’s an adventure just waiting to happen! So crazy huh??

Resurrection Bay Cruise, Seward, Alaska

The epilogue of this post: We were supposed to get a follow-on assignment in DC, gifting us 4 years in one spot. But Big Army needed Ben in Alaska, so after 2 short years in Maryland, we relocated to Alaska. A very, very hard move for us, but what an adventure Alaska turned out to be!

The heart of a man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.

Proverbs 16:9

3 thoughts on “Battling the Unknown”

  1. i was born in ames, raised in boone and des moines till i married my military man at age 19. i miss it very much, well i miss the sweet corn very much…. and fareway 😉 oh, and my dad’s whole family lives in cedar rapids, i happen to love the oat smell. thank you for visiting my blog!!

  2. FAREWAY!!!! My mom is comign down for my birthday over Labor Day Weekend and you beter believe I’m asking for Fareway! You should come for my b-day, too … *nudge nudge* I’ll ask my mom to bring you Fareway! 🙂

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