Homeschooling Ancient Persia

If you are stuck at home and need some direction or purpose or even distraction for yourself this week, you are invited to join our homeschool kiddos as they study Ancient Persia.

The Persian Empire was more tied to the language and customs of India than to those of Mesopotamia. The Persians even had their own unique religion: Zoroastrianism. They interacted significantly with both the Israelites and the Greeks. Of all the major empires of the ancient world, they were the most judicial and allowed for religious freedoms of those whom they had conquered.

For our history reading, we rely heavily on the Bible. This is one of the reasons I just love Tapestry of Grace for our homeschool backbone. Not only does it keep all my grades in the same basic historical period, but it treats the Bible as an accurate and historic text. It runs much like a unit study style of schooling. Any given historic period is studied from many different facets so you get a wide angle views of sections of history. You don’t need the Ancient History book to join us this week, you can search for Ancient Persians online and plus up your reading from there.

Historical Readings and Videos

We love using Crash Course in our homeschool. I highly recommend them. I do sometimes have to provide editorial comments to my children because while they try very hard to be accurate, their political views do come through.

We also love Khan Academy! We have used them throughout our homeschool history, with all my students.

Youtube is a great place to find many history videos, but you always have to beware of newer videos that aim to rewrite history for various purposes. I prefer to use older videos and books for this reason.

I hope y’all have a great week! Try to remain positive. There are so many wonderful things you can do to stay occupied, positive, and make this time of quarantine a benefit to you.

Questions, comments, or concerns?

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