FF: I can see clearly now…

The frags have come…

Yet another Friday has come. I think Mrs. 4444 is like the VW guy who invites all the oddball to unload their odd-ness (stealing the ability to make up words from lisleman)  in one place. From one oddball to another, “Welcome to my wacky korner of the world”  🙂

It’s thursday night, the frags are almost complete, there is snow falling outside covering the snow we got earlier this week, there is a fire roaring in the wood stove, and there is chili in the crockpot. Life can be so good!
Mommy's Idea

I have some goofy friends…well, I guess like my intro “like begats like” eh?? It started years ago. I enjoy going to dinner parties and hosting dinner parties. As we move away from friends, the concept of sharing dinner with friends have morphed. We all start texting pictures of our dinner to each other. 
Tonight, I got a text from a friend in MD of an empty plate. The caption was “Dry aged ribeye with baked potato and broccoli.” I am guessing the empty plate meant it was very good 😉

We don’t have cable up here, we chose to forgo it this time to pay off the new van faster. So we missed the Super Bowl live. We had to watch all the commercials on YouTube. Do you guys have a favorite commercial? I do confess, I think I really like the “God made a farmer” commercial. It may also have to do with my husband’s take on the whole thing. You can read about that here.

Actually, I like many of the commercials this year. They even had a few tear jerkers, eh?? But I personally wish the GoDaddy commercials could be taken out. Good grief. 


More fun from the cousin conversations:

Kay I hate to tell you but we had a mtg and decided you 
should have kids first so we could all learn form your mistakes (Sam)

Yes, and at said meeting we all agreed that you should have at least one boy and one girl before any of us started so we could get a good read on how they each work.  Thanks for accommodating us so well! (Layni)

You people suck (me)

But you are such a good sport! (Layni)
why is layni always blaming me for things?? why!!!!! 😉 (kay)

It’s normally your fault  (Sam)

not always!  there was this one time… (me)

Yeah, that’s like that one time I thought I was wrong, but I wasn’t. (Layni)

At band camp? (Sam)


I am so excited!!! A very dear friend of mine in TX is hitting the mountains of CO for their spring break vacation. She texted me this week wishing she could hit our thrift shops (Alaska thrift shops are THE BOMB!!) for snow gear since, really, Texas… when will she need the stuff again?? After hitting a few places near her she lamented that she found a pair of gloves and one hat. They have 4 kids, that won’t cut it 😉  So this weekend I will be hitting our thrift stores for her snow gear. Oh and if anyone wants down hill skis, the thrift shops have pairs on sale for $7.50 right now.

I love having this opportunity to do something sweet and helpful for my friend. She is such a sweetie!! Maybe this will make up for the time in Seminary when she kept my daughter for me during a doc visit. Bekah screamed at her (ear piercing screaming) for a full 45 minutes. That is a true friend. She watched kids for me even after that 😉


Dedicated to all football fans who are already going through withdrawal…

A friend of mine sent this to me this week. So VERY funny.. I mean rolling-on-the-floor, put-your-drink-down-NOW-before-playing-it, funny!!! As my 2 year old would say “Das funneeee, wite?”

20 thoughts on “FF: I can see clearly now…

  1. The video was cute. I will miss football-not a pro Basketball fan. I do like baseball which is practically year round now, so that will be coming soon. We were out to dinner the other night and a lady at the table across from us was taking pictures of her meal. My hubs said, ‘She must have a blog’ : ) Have a nice weekend!

  2. I’m popping over from Friday Fragments. I see you live in Alaska…I’ve always wanted to go there. Looks so beautiful! I agree with you 100% about the GoDaddy commercials…they need to end!

  3. Oh now that video was funny as all get out. The sidelines when the guy starts flailing his arm around and the other guy –a good distance from him, falls down. And the qb calling the numbers. Gotta love it.Love your wacky friends. Yes, my rib-eye dinner plate would be empty too. And dry…’cause I’d be swabbing up the juices with my garlic bread. LOLOh, and by the way, we don’t have cable any more either. I watch NCIS on Wednesday morning…online!! For free. Just go to google and type in NCIS the first/top link will be NCIS/cbs. [Vance’s house was terrorized and he took leave ’cause his wife was in the line of fire]

    1. I told my friend that the picture was NOT fair, since just last Christmas Eve we had prime rib off his smoker, so I know the food was probably very good!!I was crying, laughing so hard at that video!!Oh thank you for the heads up on the show link!!!! I can’t wait to have some time to catch up with NCIS!!!

  4. oh my word I LOVE the idea of texting dinners with my friends. we have moved quite a bit and I miss my dinners with my old friends…..I am going to start that!!

    1. It has become a favorite thing to do 🙂 It’s a way to keep up with our friends, now scattered all over the globe. And a fun way to share recipes 😉 I hope you guys enjoy it too.

  5. I seriously am not sure what to do with myself tomorrow afternoon!I am with you on the Go Daddy commercial. I also wasn’t crazy about the Lincoln commercial that was encouraging women to pick up hitchhikers… but maybe I’m a little sensitive, being a single woman and all…

    1. OH heavens no!! Never pick up a hitch hiker!!! I hate it, but I never stop to help someone on the side of the road if it’s just the kids and me. You never know what will happen and their safety is my top priority!You should go get a pedicure and relax!!

    1. Oh, the goat was funny!!! I also liked the boy who went to get his beefy team for the football game. It reminded me of my cousins. They were a rough bunch of boys and played rough with us, but holy cow, nobody ever messed with one of us girls!!

    1. If we had another foot, I would try to send some your way 😉 We just barely have enough to cover the tall grass. The moose hardly have to scratch the snow to eat 😦

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