take those moments

i love those little moments with my children when God opens the door to a great theology lesson for them. one of these happened this weekend.

with 5 children, we came to realize that they really did require time alone with mommy. so we have incorporated that into our weekly grocery shopping trip. saturday morning i get up, nurse the baby, and take off in the little car with one of our children to hunt/gather food for the house. this week it was my daughter’s turn. now unlike my oldest son (who is fine just listening to music with NO ONE singing, and he will ask questions of me, but really is a quiet guy) my daughter will chatter almost the whole time. she started asking me about our wedding. you know, the girly details about my dress, cake, decorations and such. she is SUCH a girly girl!!

she then opened the door with “i wish i could have been at your wedding.”

i was able to discuss with her the various parts of the Bible that talk about staying pure for your spouse, how our bodies belong to God if we have entrusted our souls to Him when He calls and she engaged with me the whole conversation. it was wonderful.

as a treat, we pulled out the old VHS and popped in our wedding video. it was so much fun sitting with out kids watching us take our vows, and watching them nearly hop out of their chairs when the ONLY video of Ben’s mother who is now passed away came on. it was a wonderful weekend on the whole, but those little moments when i get to impart God’s truth to my children truly are the best!!!

1 thought on “take those moments”

  1. Bekah was also very interested in watching us kiss. ;)It was enjoyable watching that video of our wedding ceremony… we were so young and skinny – well, I was… you still are! I’m glad I’ve been able to age with you, and I’m glad we have 5 children, and I’m almost equally glad that they are interested in our story.

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