Buffalo Hot Wings


Buffalo Hot Wings

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We love hot wings in this house!!! Even the kids will dive into them! However, the ‘recipe’ for them is as individual as they come! So I am just going to share a few tactics that i have learned that have made mine great!

If you like to bread yours, I learned a 3 step process that helps to keep the breading on. You can ignore this if breading is not your thing or if you have already discovered this tid bit for yourself. It also helps if you can use tongs to do this, you will escape having ‘club fingers’ 😉

  • first, dredge your wings in straight flower, tap off excess flour before proceeding
  • next, turn the floured wings in whipped egg, be sure to totally cover flour with whipped egg
  • finally, roll/toss these wings in a bread crumb mixture. sometimes i season this stuff, sometimes i just use plain crumbs. but i prefer breading because it soaks up the wing sauce better than ‘naked’ wings.
  • let the breading ‘proof’ a bit, not more than 10 minutes to sort of solidify the breading to the wings. i then choose to put wings on my baking stone and bake them at 375 for about 20 minutes, till my thermometer reads 175. they do a few more degrees after coming out.
  • in a large bowl put your favorite hot wing sauce (ours is Frank’s Buffalo Wing Sauce), just enough to cover the bottom of the bowl. swirl around a few wings at a time in the sauce and place in a bowl for serving.


I hope this helps you with your wings!!

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