social healthcare anyone???

i am not a huge political activist. in fact, i honestly don’t have time to keep up on current events because my life revolves around a 9yr old down to a 4mos infant. but major events happened this week that make me want to share them as a direct warning against social health care and what it will look like for the normal people out there. why, you ask?? well most people can recognize that the military medical community is run as a state run health care system.

the VIP wing of walter reed is set up with a lock on the floors in elevators so that the common folks can’t get there. it is also set up like an upscale hotel complete with art on the walls and a receptionist just off the elevator. they have suite like rooms that are sound proofed so your stay is as calming and relaxing as possible. and this is the care that our representatives are getting, this is not what the lay people receive, i will illustrate for you what we normal folks get.

tuesday morning, my 4mos old needed his booster round of shots. we arrived at our appointment and were ushered into our doc office about 45 min after this. i was passed over once because i was in the potty with my 3yr old, so the bread line moved along without me, cause hey, i got out of line, right?? after our Ped checked the baby out, she again harassed me about the Vit D supplements for the baby. i told her i had requested of the nurse to send the RX over to my husbands hospital so he could pick them up at the much more efficient pharmacy. the one on post here at meade takes 2hrs for a person NOT in uniform. she then actually got wound up (if you happen to have a relative with a nasally and whiny voice, you have this lady down pat). she told me that the nurse can’t agree to that, she has to do it. and oh how much more work and how hard it is to get it sent over there. i asked her if it would be easier to write the RX out, i would be willing to send it with him on paper, and frankly i am willing to pay for my medication at walmart anyway if it means i will get customer service and actual care.

she then informed me that they were not giving shots at the clinic today, i had to take my crew down the hall too the other ‘bread line’ and get the shots there. so an hour after walking in, we marched down the hall to Immunization Station. we check in here and wait another hour for a tech to call us into a room and shoot the baby up. i will send a huge thank you to my tech, though!!! he deserves a hug! when we walked in (5 kids in tow) he moved quickly to the TV and put in a kid’s movie so we were not subject to CNN images. he was sweet!! he also helped with the stroller after when noah was crying. i was required to wait the 20min after to make sure there were no physical reactions…. but the kicker is this bldg does not offer ambulatory care. so if noah did react, we would have to wait for an ambulance or helicopter ride to an actual ER room. so i really should have been allowed to roll in the direction of one in case of actual emergency. all in all, my 2 bread line office visits cost me 2hrs and 45min.

today, we had a visit for bekah’s arm. we arrived on time. bekah was weighed and sent to the xray folks. they took their pictures and we walked back down the hall to the Ped office. when the doc called us back, she didn’t look at bekah, she hardly made eye contact with me as she discussed the xray.
“the xray was read, there is nothing wrong with her bones, she will be fine”
as she is typing away checking off various blocks for bekah’s visit on her computer. i tried to ask a couple things but was warded off with various ‘current medical condition’ questions. it wasn’t until i said “well bekah, you just can’t use the monkey bars till we get this figured out”
the woman finally stopped, looked up at me and asked “she can’t use the monkey bars?”
“no she can’t, because she can’t straighten her arm at all!” i emphasized (mama bear comes out pretty quick in me!!!
now the Ped is changing screens and setting up a referral for the bone people and telling me we should take it easy till we talk to them. wow, like i was coming in with a child and her runny nose, wasting time until monkey bars got her attention???

i had to wait a few hours to jot this all down so i could calm down.  there was no personal care, there was no desire to investigate my claim, this doc just tried to check the blocks and tell me my child was going to be fine!!!!  the lady i chatted with in the waiting room had a similar experience just yesterday and was back again with her sick child.

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