my husband

i have to send out a huge prop to my husband!!! i didn’t get a chance to shout out about it closer to it, but i am going to praise him up a bit. because, quite frankly, i think we all need to boost them up much more than we “correct” and possibly “mother” them, right ladies??

a few weeks ago my hubby met me at breakfast after he had let me sleep in. it was his day off and we had nothing planned. i had been too busy and then just too tired to get out of the house to hunt for clothes for the baptism of our youngest (two days away from the moment in subject here). he handed me a bunch of cash, told me i could just tank up the baby… and the rest of the day was mine!!! of course i tanked baby, kissed hubby (got something in my eye at one point, eyes were watering like crazy) and headed out for a hair cut, starbucks, and pad thai!!!

recently, his value was again brought to my attention on his last 24hr duty. i had a very unhappy, recently innoculated infant on my hands, i was trying to do devotions, cleanup after supper, and get kids into bed. i realized just how much he does in the evenings. he does clean up after supper!! he uses that ‘daddy voice’ to get kids to brush teeth much faster than they respond to me. and i just sleep much better knowing that he is around.

THANK YOU HONEY!! you may challenge me, but you make me feel like a million on a daily basis!! i love you!

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