quick ditties

i wanted to get a few quick ditties out before i forgot them. 

— there are many reasons why i love home schooling my kids.  and one of the reasons came up today.  in history we are studying the immigration boom of 1860-1870.  one of the groups during this time came from russia.  it was the jewish community being persecuted by the czar and our book discussed the pogroms that occurred to the russian jews during that time.  well, we just happen to own a great musical that highlights this very subject right here in our house, and we are totally going to watch highlights this afternoon!!! woohoo, love the ability to adapt lessons to lots of venues, and it happens to be one of my favorite musicals…. okay, i like a lot of musicals, you caught me!!

— we are from the state of iowa, GO HAWKEYES!!  however, our children (in their memories) have not lived in iowa outside of the time when hubby was deployed.  but through my father-in-law the love of the hawkeyes remains strong in our home.  our 5yr old is the biggest hawkeye fan we have!  he has turned hawkeye into a super hero right along with batman, the flash, and superman.  so he will live in his various hawkeye clothes for days at a time…. yesterday josh was telling me how much he loved playing outside when he took a moment pause and said “but not as much as i love being a hawkeye!”    what a doll.

— both danny and josh are doing scouts this year, the small pack in our area has graciously allowed for josh to begin his tiger scout because he is in 1st grade and will be turning 6 in Dec.  just before devotions as we were discussing all the fun stuff that josh was going to do, JJ got just as excited about his future in scouts.  he quickly became the loudest voice telling us all about “my tub stouts shuet, and hat, and bajes, and tub stouts shuet, and hat, and bajes, and i will wear dem as a tub stout and camp wiff dem as a cub stout” and this whole thing was repeated many times over…. it made me chuckle.  and yes, grandparents, i will get this on video for your next disk!!

— there have been many times when God allows my reflexes to be very quick and cat-like…. but that did not happen today!!  i was working on the “jetty”  (jelly) part of JJ’s sandwich today when i began to bobble the bread.  most normal people would spread on such a substance on the plate, right?  but where is the challenge there???  about the 4th bobble, i could just tell i was not going to win this one.  thankfully we have a dog that loves jelly covered bread and so i called him in for clean up and began again….. and no, i did NOT use the stupid plate.  i was going to WIN this challenge!!!!  😉

2 thoughts on “quick ditties”

  1. My my, Joshy sure is intelligent for 5 year old! Tell him Miss Missa loves her Hawkeye clothes, too!!*SINGS* The word is FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT for Iowa, let every loyal Iowan sing!! We had a visitor to CTR last week from Traer (college gal). I spotted the plates a mile away in the parking lot, and hunted her down inside. But it made me miss you. 😦

  2. we miss the midwest too!! with all our friends and family! you know, we do need to teach him the iowa fight song! he was singing O Worship the King during his math today, it would be easy to play that for a couple weeks and get him hooked!

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