Kahlua Cake

Now, contrary to the name of the cake, it is possible and quite yummy to make this cake ‘shirley temple’ and not use the alcohol.

You Need:
1 box chocolate cake mix, baked per directions
1cup kahlua
2 small pkg chocolate pudding, prepared
6 Skor bars, or chopped toffee of some sort
1 pint whipping cream, whipped with granulated sugar

Bake the cake, prepare the pudding (chill), and whip the cream to stiff peaks.  In a serving bowl layer as such:  cake crumbled, half kahlua, half pudding, half whipped topping, half chipped toffee, cake crumbles, kahlua, pudding, whipped cream, last of toffee.  Chill and serve chilled.  This cake also tastes fantastic the day after!!!  So whip her up the day before!!!

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