pretty princess

so yesterday i had a very pretty princess running around my house!  the dress is a darling hand made item with burgundy bodice, white under skirt, and shiny pink over lay in long layers.  there is a cameo attached to the neck and light pink lace trims the neck band and down the front of the bodice.  i was introduced to this princess when it walked up to me, did a twirl, and said “i am a very pretty princess mommy”

would you like to know which child it was??  it was JJ. my 4th son, my ruffian, my every-day-all-day-long challenge child.  but he wore that dress all day long.  if this had happened a week or so ago, i would have guaranteed he hit his head to cause this oddity…. but no, no head bumping occurred. 

i am sure some people may freak out about a little boy wearing a dress.  the time our first born wore a dress during play time my own husband nearly lost it.  but you know, i am not worried about his orientation or his future as a drag queen.  no, i have had 2 boys before now wear pretty dress up things and they wouldn’t be caught dead in such stuff now.  i would rather make sure they know how to respect their parents, revere the Word of God, and live according to that word than understand or be able to draw their own dark black lines of gender acceptability.

and jj did obey when ben asked him to come inside to get out of his pretty dress, he had slipped outside in it and was walking around the front yard.  hubby and i had to laugh.

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