My son, the budding capitalist

Wipe a tear from my eye, my almost 10-year old son has learned that he can make some cash by raking lawns for our neighbors. One could almost see his wheels turning behind his eyes as he did the calculations of how much he could make, how long it would take, and most importantly (for him) what he could do with his wages.

I – we – are very proud of him and we have been working very hard to train him to be responsible and hardworking. It feels gratifying when we see it pay off.

Speaking of paying… another lesson I’m going to be teaching my son just as soon as he gets paid… he’s going to learn what it feels like to be taxed. Boy is he sure going to be shocked to see a portion of his hard earned money disappear. Maybe I’ll also teach him a lesson in government entitlement programs by taxing him and then using that money to buy an ice cream cone for his poor, put upon 3-year old brother who for reasons beyond his control is unable to go earn his own money…

Bwah ha ha ha!

So many opportunities, so little time!

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