Danny’s Article

our son daniel is in webelos this year and one of his assignments is to write an article to be published.  putting it on a website is one of the options, so we did all the steps of writing and i will now copy the final draft in this blog for publication.

Webelos Teaches Almost Everything
by Daniel Benjamin Duncan
   I have been in Webelos for a whole month.  I have learned a lot.  I am nine years old.  In webelos you have two years to finish.  You learn how to stay healthy, camp, make a fire, and cool over a fire.  Webelos is fun too, you can make box knots and at my first Webelos Pack Meeting I got a cookie.
   You exercise too.  Working out will make your body stronger.  You must exert yourself and raise your heart rate.  Do push ups, sit ups.  Do not over exert yourself or pass out.
   Nutrition is eating healthy.  If you just cut down on the desserts, you will get int shape.  Eat a salad once in a while.

1 thought on “Danny’s Article”

  1. Way to go Daniel! My son is a Bear this year. He is really looking forward to more camping. If you could offer one piece of advice to a Bear who is going to be a Weblos next year, what would it be?

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