thanksgiving is slowly disappearing in our country!  it hardly gets any notice in the stores as our materialistic society is already pushing Christmas purchases at the stores.  and i believe my hubby has it right.  we are no longer a thankful nation.

the holiday was first established by the pilgrims who were quite thankful for the american indians and their assistance in keeping the pilgrims alive through that first harsh winter.  it wasn’t a national holiday for centuries.  now thanksgiving is hardly noticed as generations from mine down have that ‘entitlement’ concept, and heck, if all good things are OWED to me, then what on earth do i have to be thankful about??  just consider what the diminishment of thanksgiving means long term…

i will always support thanksgiving!  there is a gracious God who provides abundantly for His children, He keeps the natural order of the world working, and He continues to keep these amazingly complicated bodies working!!  (my hubby told me last week “after working in a hospital it is amazing to see how many ways the complex human body can fail”)

“Oh give thanks to the Lord, call on His name,
make known His deeds among the nations. 
Sing to Him, sing praises to Him,
tell of all His wonderful works. 
Glory in His holy name,
 let the hearts of those who seek the Lord, rejoice.”
Psalm 105:1-3

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