a good cup ‘o joe

we here in our home do enjoy coffee.  we are sort of known for coffee.  my father calls me a coffee snob, and yes, i will admit that we are.  but i think my hubby started it 😉  when we bought our first (and only) house in NC, we were too far away from any coffee shop.  to keep my gas and coffee budget down, he embarked on discovering the best possible coffee/espresso option for his wife.  he hit Starbucks for their annual sale.  they were phasing out the Delonghi Magnifica.  so not only did i get a product which was much reduced because of selling out, but my hubby swung a deal with the store and bought the floor model, getting the store manager to lower his initial offered price on said espresso machine.  so i got a stellar deal on a great product!!  it may seem like a lot of money, but their customer service is fantastic, the machine is very easy to work and they even sent along a video guide to making great espresso and on how to work the machine!!  it is well worth it! i made up my purchase within the 1st six months of ownership!

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