tax masters?

have you guys seen this commercial? i wonder if it bugs anyone else? if you have not filed taxes in years, if you owe back taxes… why are these people not filing and since taxes are part of the law of our country why are these people getting a vacation from paying their share of what our country needs to run??

with national debt climbing, we need every person to be pitching in. i just find it frustrating that the responsible people in this country get so burdened because of the criminals getting off their responsibilities. now, i will have you guys know that my best friend is a lawyer, and when i posed this very issue to her, she explained that some of the inflated fees given by the IRS are errors, people do need representation if the govt comes knocking for money it does not deserve. but that is not what the commercial states… “if you have not paid your taxes” basically, we will help you side step your responsibility, get you out of the fees you KNOW exist when you CHOOSE to ignore april 15th (which comes every year, you can’t forget!!) you can still get out of paying.

i wonder if we could have a list of tax evaders like the sexual abuser. if folks don’t want to pay their taxes, shouldn’t agencies like the police, fire and rescue, or trash collection know that these folks don’t choose to assist in paying those salaries??? i just find it hard to think it’s fair to benefit from a program that you refuse to contribute to… just sayin’ is all…

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