thank you skype!

i have to tell you guys, i love that whole skype video calling thing!!!  yesterday we fed the 6 month child his first ‘real’ food.  he had a good 10 bites of rice cereal, YAY!!!  but for me, the best part was sharing that day with my entire family… in iowa!  we set up hubby’s new laptop (still working on a name for it) and my dad (who is amazing with electronics) set his up so that my sisters’ and their families could watch us on mom’s big screen TV and he piped their video feed from his video camera!!!  i know, crazy cool right??  but anyway, i got to see my sisters, my niece, the brother-in-laws and my parents.  it was a whole lot of fun goofing around with them and actually seeing them.  my daughter begged at my newly married sister again to have a baby, i told her she could wait and be patient 😉  my hubby begged everyone to show off their big guns (my BILs looked more muscled in their arms)

we have enjoyed traveling around the country and seeing many places and historic sites… but we sure do miss our family.  we just really enjoyed seeing and interacting with my family.  we are going to start begging for our other family members to get into the skype thing 😉  beware!!

3 thoughts on “thank you skype!”

  1. I’d die without Skype! Its how we see our grandbabies in Texas! We do Christmas morning with them too – we mail our gifts down – they put them under the tree & on Christmas morning, we skype & get to watch everone open their gifts!!! Technology – thumbs up!

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