friday fragments!!

Mommy's Idea  well, here we are with another Friday Fragments posting!!  i actually will confess       that i did most of this one earlier this week for the simple reason that friday i plan on being very lazy with my turkey induced coma!  i love turkey day, it is my favorite food grouping of the year!!!  i will actually prep this exact meal throughout the year because turkey and stuffing make me happy 😉 thank you for joining me again, all who can at least sit upright in front of your computers…. and read more Fragments from my fragging buddies 😉

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i felt like the energizer bunny this past tuesday, which was great because i needed to get some things done and declutter the place before we had guests for Turkey day!!  it always feels good to get stuff moved out!  but holy cow, i could use a few more days like this one 🙂

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we were having dinner at a friend’s house last week and all four adults had a great laugh over the ‘tattle tale’ my son came up to me with.

“Mom, bekah said a bad word!!”
“what bad word did she say”  i was a bit concerned at first
“she said ‘move your bleepin butt’ “
“um, danny, what word did she say?”
“mom, she said BLEEPIN and we all know that bleeped out words are bad words.”
all the adults busted out laughing, at which point my friend susan looked at me and said
“kay, get in the bleepin van.”  which created that much more laughter!! the kids looked baffled 😉
Turkey Pictures, Images and Photos

my daughter wrote an interesting essay this week in school.  she was working on defending her opinion statements with reasons and facts.  her opinion “she would make a great princess” and one of her facts had me chuckling.  under her reason #2 she placed this fact “i would not accept sex in my kingdom, because God does not accept sex.”  can you tell we have been in the Old Testament for devotion time, those foolish kings and their concubines!!

Turkey Pictures, Images and Photos
turkey dinner was fantastic this year!!  i ate way too much, didn’t even bother with a supper.  my gravy chose not to thicken up the way i like ;-(  but i can live with that.  my hubby chose to hit the black friday deals at midnight!!  walmart had something he wanted so he actually took our oldest boy with him.  i believe our walmart did the smartest thing ever!  they had clearly defines entrance and exit pathways with no chance for mixing (or attacking).  they also had various deals safely shrink wrapped with rent-a-cops standing next to them.  they had isles ready for the waiting lines and every register open and running.  apparently the folks in our area were courteous to each other, possessed even tempers, and maintained their manners!!  my son’s first experience of black Friday was a good one.  i am very thankful for that!!
my baby learned to sit up on his own this week.  he does not have the crawling down yet, he does that rocking on all 4’s and then he launches himself at whatever he is wanting.  or he just low crawls himself over to it.  when he can, he uses the dog to propel himself around (he will grab 2 fists of fur, and when dog moves, he goes too).
Turkey Pictures, Images and Photos
as i type, my hubby is organizing our Christmas decorations and planning that attack.  we will go hunt down our tree this Saturday and make this house ‘home for the holidays.’  my hubby just loves Christmas!  he was an army brat and the holidays were usually just his folks and his 2 brothers, so they made holidays something special for their family.  we are having to learn that one ourselves since getting home for holidays is a challenge with our large crew.  we all catch daddy’s fever, i can’t wait to put up our things!!!  

4 thoughts on “friday fragments!!”

  1. Glad you had a nice thanksgiving and that you avoided the mad rush. There’s nothing like productivity–it feels so great.Cute tattle tale 🙂

  2. Happy decorating; we would normally be doing ours today (or my husband would) but we are behind do to some renovating in the house. We also have 3 trips in December so I just do not know we may just have a tree:(

  3. That’s good the Walmart trip was successful. We went to the mall at 7 a.m. this morning and got back at 4:00–we love to shop on Black Friday. Sears had everything at half price!

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