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wow, oh wow, what a great day in this household!!  i mean it, seriously!  i have put the turkey into its brine with plenty of time to plump up for roasting, i cleaned the dreaded toilets (super yucky job, but it’s done, right?), i went through baby dresser and took out all the super cute 6mos stuff he barely wore, found some great deals on clothes he needs (yay for ebay!), got kids through schooling, got kitchen cleaned and all purty (yea, that one has been a long time coming, thank you green scratchy!), i have labels on the boxes leaving my house for family (one step closer to the door, yes, yes!!)…. i am going to clean out my latte machine and attempt to hit that illusive Post Office with my happy boxes!!  yay for a day where stuff got done!!! woohoo!!

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