ben on point

i finally got my hubby’s blog up and going.  he asks me to help him with his backgrounds and decorations.  he is a dry humored witty guy.
another fun fact… my hubby was asked to participate with the Thanksgiving Day chapel service.  when you have over 20 Chaplains that are available to do something in said service, being asked is pretty cool!!  my favorite part will be him being in his dress uniform 🙂  woohoo!!!  i am going to have to snap a photo of him in the new dress uniform.  the only other one i have of him was next to his pretty blue truck… we had to trade that darling in when gas spiked to putting $75 in the tank every 4 days.  i am so thankful i got the pic done of him next to it… don’t they go well together??

i didn’t get him in the new ASU uniform, what a bummer!!!  turkey day was just too busy to grab the camera.  ok, my father will tell you that i fail miserably at getting pictures taken at all.  he is right.  i got some shots on my phone camera.  i still need to figure out how to get them from it onto my computer.  we don’t have a super cool data plan, but i will share my favorite pic of him in blues anyway.

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