so annoying!!

so here i am, sitting at the computer playing around with various backgrounds for my fab foods blog, trying to remember this amazing thing i did with hush puppies the other day…. and i can’t sleep.  i was up before kids this morning and that feels great.  i get my day going, my engine going, before i have to field the first child issue.  makes my day feel fantastic.

however, it is a 24hr duty day.  hubby is not home tonight.  so i am ‘on duty’ as it were by myself.  and i just don’t like the feeling that i am the protector of children all by myself.  i know what to do to defend my little darlings, i have hardware at my disposal with ammo.   but all that does not help me to relax to go to sleep.  for heaven’s sake, my eyes are pretty tired by now.  yet sleep alludes me.

so of course i hit my trusty Bible Works for a word search on trusting in the Lord.  i need to remember all the times that Israel was surrounded by its enemies, and the Lord protected her.  God loves His children and protects them.  He protected David as he ran from Saul who was trying to kill him.  there can be peace for me, even now, as i rest in His strength and trust that He will help me to handle whatever He may choose for me this night.  so off to bed i go, sleep well my friends!!  may your dreams be peaceful as well.

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