Monday’s Memories

watching my kids do their little ‘kid’ things brings back memories from my own childhood.

yes, the art of fort making.  i remember during our Christmas holidays (or any real time that we could focus on making a good fort) we would ask mother for sheets and we would then turn our ENTIRE TOY ROOM into a massive fort system.  we had bedrooms and living rooms…. we had a kitchen, and a system of motion so that no one bumped into each other inside our immense fort.  my mother would also allow us to keep the fort up for days!!!  we were allowed to sleep inside our forts at night…. it was wonderful!!

do you guys have any such memories???  please feel free to share them.  i let our kids use the old sheets we have acquired (no idea where some of these linens have come from) and they produce forts all over their play area.  my hubby did some great fort building from his dresser as a child and taught the kids to trap a sheet in a dresser drawer and pin the end with a spare pillow or fire truck.  it makes a pup tent sort of fort for 2 sleepers.  the kids love i

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