Honor Flight

i wanted to draw people attention to a program that came to my attention this spring.  it is called the Honor Flight, and by following the link provided you can read up on what this program does for our WWII Vets here in Dc from around the country.  my grandfather was contacted and honored on a flight in June.  here is a video clip and a picture of my grandfather during his Honor Flight.  the reception these folks get on the return is a tear jerker as well!!  on the video below, you will see my short grandfather walk past in a black hat at the time mark 5:52.   he repeated over and over in emails just how amazing the trip was, how much fun he had seeing us and the memorials, and just how hot it was here 😉  if you have a WWII Vet in your family, you can sign them up for a flight, they will appreciate it more than they might be able to say 🙂

i created (yes, i made it up by myself, which is truly amazing!!) a button to the left of my blog if you wish to paste it into your own blog to encourage folks to learn more about this program and donate should they be lead to do so.

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