cold house

we seem to have stumbled in to another cold house.  when we were finishing seminary we had moved into a town home just over the river in Indiana from Louisville, KY.  that house had very drafty windows.  we actually had to plastic the windows there.

the cold snap was kindly sent our way from the midwest (i believe the whole country is ‘freezing’ right now), and we have discovered that this house is a cold house. the tile floors are cold, VERY cold.  our bedroom never had good ventilation with the AC this summer, so we knew our room would be cold this winter.  however, i just believe that the heater or vent system does not function well.  since we are renting, it’s really not something we can fix our way.  the blower will run all night long and only be able to bring the main floor temp to 62 degrees.  crazy!!  i am heading down to start a fire and we are going to do school up near there today.  of course our basement is noticeably warmer down there.  maybe we can just hang out there.  thank goodness i love sweaters (midwest girl to the core!!!) and heavy boot socks.  i am going to need to get the kids all a pair of slippers this week too.

it will all be worth it if we get the snow we are supposed to get today.  man alive, do i love snow!!!!!

3 thoughts on “cold house”

  1. Our house is like that… it has a weird heating system & it blows cold air (to me) until it’s kicked into “Emergency” heat & then its warm air… I dont get it…I didnt realize we’re close to each other… Neighbors!!! 🙂

  2. do you guys have a fireplace to offset that?? i was thinking maybe i needed to do a vent cleaning or some-such… oh well. so are you getting snow today too?? it totally stopped school for a bit while we all stood at the deck door to watch it fall… we love snow!!!

  3. Our house feels that way too. I hate that the heat runs all day, but the house never feels that warm. I guess I should just be thankful we’re not in sub-zero temperatures like last year. 🙂

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