Fort Washington

cleavingtochrist.comWe planned to do some more of our History Hunting Saturday and do a quick drive by of Fort Washington before grabbing lunch and rolling over to Mount Vernon.  That was a major tactical mistake!!  Fort Washinton had tons of ammo rooms and store houses open that we ended up spending hours there.  The kids ran all over the place (we were the only ones presetnt that day) and we saw one of the most amazing sights in all our lives!!!

Fort Washington was planned and the land plotted by General Washington himself, though not named as such till later.  The fort was built as a defense against the British during and after the revolutionary war, to protect the National Capital from a Potomac invasion.  When the British chose to sail up the Potomac in 1814 to attack DC, the commander chose to withdraw his small force and blow the munitions before the enemy could take them.

The fort was later used as an officer training school and for the WACS.  Read more about the wonderful history of Fort Washington here.

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