Friday Fragments

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I made it!!  Yes!  It is Friday! It is Friday!!  There are lots of things that I remembered from this week and most of them involve the 3yr old.  He sure does keep me on my toes!!  Join the rest of the fragmented crew over at Mrs. 4444’s blog!!

I ran around the corner from the kitchen to find out why the baby was crying.  JJ was standing next to him with a stretchy gift wrap string in his hand.  When I asked him if he did something to make the baby cry, he replied that yes, he had.  I asked him what he did to make the baby cry, he replied “I whipped him in the face because I love him.”  (I am sure that actually makes sense to him in some way…)
The baby is getting smart… hubby made a comment that he was going to suffer brain damage at the rate he was banging his head on things.  Just now I watched as he began to haul himself up beside a box.  Half way up, he looked up and kept his eye on the table just above him while he raised himself up very slowly.  It was pretty cool to watch that play around in his mind.  “okay, yep, there is something there.  better go slow, slowly, s-l-o-w-l-y.  good, cleared it, now what is in this box for me to destroy?”
My best friend is a lawyer and I just got a kick out of a parenting situation that came up with her oldest son about telling the truth, not telling the whole story, and outright lying.  She was accused by my cousin of not being the “prototypical Lawyer/Judge”
Oh, no, I’m all about that. There are elements, see… a punishable lying offense requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt that

1. There was a misrepresentation of a true event

2. Committed by the accused

3. With malicious intent to misrepresent

“Beyond a reasonable doubt” in this context requires irrefutable evidence.
Thank goodness my mother was not a lawyer!!!
I was getting ready for bed and my 3yr old joined me in the bathroom while I was brushing my teeth.  He claimed that he had forgot to do that himself, so he ran to his bathroom grabbing his toothbrush and joined me at my sink brushing his teeth.  When we were both done he said “otay mom, et me mell yous beff”  so i breathed in his face and asked “how did i do?”  he closed his eyes and said “mmm mmm, bery nice”
 My aunt’s car is dying and her husband just happens to work at a dealership as well as being a master mechanic.  So he knows how to pick them!!  He came home the other day from work, tossed a set of keys on her counter and announced “there’s your new car.”  Now he got a sweet Buick, only a few years old, but I am just curious…. how would you respond??  See, I personally love surprises, but my hubby is NOT  a car enthusiast nor is he a grease monkey.  I am the car nut and I would be bothered more than just a little if someone just dumped a new car on me without my input.  What do you guys think??  If this uncle dropped a car in my lap, I would probably love it, he really does know cars but……

Wanna stretch your brain a bit?  hop over to the Kay’s Korner Trivia Tournament!  All just for fun, but score is kept 😉 You will need the password: kayskorner in order to play.


1 thought on “Friday Fragments”

  1. 1. I know you well enough to know that it would be better to allow you input into your car than to just get you one. 2. The criteria for spanking in the case of lying that you posted, if it is actually implemented, may sound like it promotes prudence and fairness. However, as I know the human heart, my suspicion is that what it will ultimately do is train the child to think legalistically and that one can escape justice by appealing to technicalities within the system. (Indeed, I use the term “justice” knowing that to such a person, getting away with something on the basis of technicality is in fact justice. Hardly.)

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