Memory Lane

Memory LaneWelcome to another addition of Memory Lane.  Come share your memories with us!  Our past is truly what makes us who we are today.  You may notice something new on the side of my blog… I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT AGAIN!!  So very excited.  My sisters, my parents, and I were all skyping the other night while my parents head to their first cruise ever.  It was running smooth and normal till my 3yr old niece says “Mommy has a baby in her tummy.”  Of course we all were in shock, as was my sister who had a whole other plan for sharing the big news… after the cruise!!  This all leads to my memory for today…

I remember heading to the doctor on a March morning in Chicago.  Hubby and I were both in undergrad at Moody Bible, downtown Windy City.  Over the weekend I had been experiencing major abdominal gas.  I had taken a ton of gas-x and that didn’t seem to help at all.  I thought for sure I had some stupid block, praying no surgery was needed.  I was still wearing my space boot from my ankle surgery to repair my broken ankle.  I had done that whole surgery thing!!
I was sitting in the room ready for some poking and prodding, having just peed in the little cup for the nurse.  The Doc hits the room with my chart and says “Well, I think I have a good idea as to what is causing your ab cramping.”  “Oh really?? That fast?”  “Yes.  You are pregnant.”
Shock, then anger, then shock ran through me.  Kids were not in the list.  I didn’t have my BS degree, I didn’t own my own business yet, and I still had no sports car!!  What on earth??  I raced from there to school and paced outside hubby’s classroom.  I nearly nailed him to the wall in my panic and ground out “I’m pregnant!!”

My heart has undergone major reconstruction, thanks to God.  I love that boy, even after the first 7 months of not sleeping more than 3hrs at a time.  I have loved him totally for all his 10 years!  I love that boy for his soft heart and imaginative mind.  I am thankful that my over reaction to impending motherhood is just that… a memory.


Memory Lane

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2 thoughts on “Memory Lane”

  1. Congratulations Auntie Kay!Love the story! I knew you were surprised but I think that is the most detail I have ever heard. I can so see you pinning Ben to the wall!

  2. I remember joking for a while about how car accidents cause babies! 🙂 I also remember when you called to tell us, I was so excited! I’d been waiting to be an Aunt for too long and I love the whole blessed bunch I now get to claim as my niece and nephews :)Thank you!

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