Friday Fragments

Mommy's IdeaYay, it’s friday!!  I am sorry I missed last week, very busy with having my best friend here and totally focusing on having a complete vacation week with her here.  This Friday is especially happy for me… HUBBY IS COMING HOME TONIGHT!!  Happy dance!!  Woohoo!!!  The home smells like bourbon brisket (in the crock pot), the house is nice and shiny….. and I get to kiss my man tonight! 

Please join all of us Friday Fraggers from Mrs. 4444, our lovely hostest with the mostest!!  Fragging is a great way to unclutter that brain and meet some really great people, literally, all over this country!

I made ‘Best Mother Ever” status this week!  Oh yea…my 3yr old called to me from the bathroom:
“Mom, ten u tum wipe mine butt?” 
“Sure thing kiddo.”
“Tanks mom, yur da best muvver ever!”
“Hey JJ, I need to wipe your hands.”
(gasp!) “But… I awweddy dotted washed!!”
“Honey, you had another chocolate.”
“Oh, ok.”
One of those terrifying situations happened for me tonight!! (Tues)  My parents are
traveling from Iowa to Florida to finally hit their cruise!!  They have waited
35years to get this opportunity.  My mother and I were talking about their
hotel for Tues night.  It was one of those bid low on your hotel deals and she was
feeling a bit nervous about the place because of some of the reviews given.  She said,
“Well, how bad can it be?”
So at the time they were supposed to have been checking into their hotel, I called
to make sure it was okay.  It was a total dive, a victorian mansion from a horror flick..
and my parents were ‘homeless’ down near Miami FL, where I could do NOTHING
for them, physically!! (I hate that feeling!!!)
My mother was able to get out of the arrangement and I quickly put them on
course to a Comfort Inn with great reviews!!!  Yay and thank you Google!!!
Thank you internet, thank you cell phones, thank you reliable Chrysler van!!
I was not good at all with jotting things down as they came this week!  Hope you all had a good one!

4 thoughts on “Friday Fragments”

  1. Oh the joys of motherhood! Hee hee!Eeek on the parent’s “hotel”. Thank goodness for Google searches! I hope for Ben’s sake you plan to do more than kiss him 😉

  2. Isn’t the Internet awesome?! I’m so glad you could help your mom and dad.Welcome Home to your sweet hubs. Please thank him for me, will you? I appreciate your family’s sacrifices.Loved the kid quotes 🙂 Have a great week!

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