Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' TimeWe come, yet again, to Friday Fragments.  A time to de-clutter our brains with all the tidbits of the week and dive into each other’s fragmented minds….it really is more fun than scary, trust me!

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I made my mouth unhappy somehow.  My gums were hurting, so I took extra time with my evening brushing to flosh completely (I usually just hit up my molars) and my gums started bleeding… A LOT.  Now they just hurt.  It is very painful and gross each night during flossing.  What on earth???  I have a dental appointment, but like most folks, I fear the dentist!!!

My 3yr old has discovered the leapster!  We have a few of them, the kids move across country better with these game things in the car, and Mommy is super freaky about educational gaming.  He is so cute with it!! He keeps showing me the numbers he is learning and how he gets stuff across the pond via letters.

Why on earth does baby oatmeal have to act like cement when flung on a wall??  I spent over 30min yesterday just holding a wet washcloth over two small spots, hoping to reconstitute them to a wipable goo.  There are several more spots on the wall and floorboards….yay for me!!
My daughter made a little laptop out of cardstock this week… I think it’s funny that she made an email account on her ‘screen’ part… on the outside of her computer was.. (drumroll)… THE APPLE LOGO!!  She is such a daddy’s girl!!
I am pretty proud of my kiddos.  I need to do some button popping because this week ended up being a ‘fighting’ week.  Honestly I thought the walls of the house were actually going to cave in on one of them.  Why??  Why fight???  Anyway, each night during our family devotions, we do catechism.  For some reason, hubby chose to capture it on his iPod.  So I thought I would share it.  It helps me to remember that there are good times in the raising of many children… good times!
My folks are out on their very first cruise for their 35th anniversary.  We get updates and I have always enjoyed my father’s humor!!!  He sent this in an email to us, just as I have shared it with you!!
“The first thing that I learned is that I had been pronouncing Curacao wrong. I had always pronounced it Curacao, but I found out, today, that it is really pronounced Curacao.”

Don’t they look like they are having fun??  they are straight center on the back side of that table.  That is my dad in a tux!! Mom is looking truly fine in my favorite color, blue!!

I wanted to share with you all a new blog I found chronicling a families journey living with Autism.  Gran is a personal friend of ours and this woman is one that I enjoy sitting with, chatting with, and learning from.. besides she is a totally ROCKIN’ quilting gal.  Truly!  If you know folks who live with Autism, give her blog a gander.

10 thoughts on “Friday Fragments”

  1. Ahh – I love a funny parent!!!!I keep seeing so many people having dental problems right now… UGH! Thats just miserable! Keep flossing though – it makes your gums stronger & healthier! Mine will bleed every now & then too (like now, with my sinus infection) but I think its better then NOT flossing.Baby Oatmeal… cement… eww!! 🙂

  2. Your dad cracks me up. He rocks that tux pretty good too.LOVE love love the video! The kiddos all crowded around me to watch and TT was keeping up with Danny, counting them off ;)Ugh…hope the dental thing clears up. I need to go see the dentist too, I am due for a checkup/cleaning.

  3. I think the more you floss the better, even if they are bleeding. I have never been on a cruise. I hope your parents are having fun.ugh. I remember those baby oatmeal days. Took forever to clean it up. Happy Friday!

  4. dried on oatmeal is for sure a nasty mess I hope your dental problems get better I am not a fan of the dentist either so I hope that is something minor that can get fixed quick

  5. Love the email from your Dad, classic!Hope the dentist is kind to you. I actually quite like my dentist, but I still don’t go often enough.

  6. Dentally challenged (and chicken) here, too.Smart kiddos!Missed the email from your dad — think I was reading too quickly. Will go back and check it out.

  7. Awww…The catechism lesson was really cute 🙂 And your dad–what a character! Glad they’re having a great time.Sorry, but the oatmeal fragment was funny 🙂 Good luck with that!

  8. I agree about the dentist and actually joke that I’d rather give birth again than have dental work done! We love Leapsters around here, too. The Leapster totally entertains my 3 year old during my 5 year old’s gymnastics class!

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