Pelosi and positive thinking…

I am a conservative in general, but I refuse to ignore the positive things that folks from the left do.  So I am sharing this with all of you folks.  Nancy Pelosi met with National Guard Chaplains to chat with them, and by the sound of it, encourage them.  Read about her visit here, I personally was very impressed with her.

Also, I have to give a shout out to the ladies at Talkin’ Dollars and Cents.  They have some great ideas when it comes to keeping things lean during these lean times.  They are worth the gander.

Okay, this is mostly for my mother!!  But you guys have to check out these pictures on Mim’s Muddle!!  If you like nature and critter shots (from down under, no less!!) check it out!!!

2 thoughts on “Pelosi and positive thinking…”

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