Memory Lane

Memory LaneWelcome to another waltz down Memory Lane.  Please feel free to join in, grab the button and let’s share some memories!!

It has been told to me many times, that I once fell face first into a patch of cactus.  Our neighbor had a lovely garden in which she had planted cactus.  Now being in the Midwest, these were new and very strange to a 2/3yr old.  So of course I needed a closer look right?  My mother took me to the ER, but was told that all they were going to do was remove them, one-by-one, with a tweezers.  My mother chose to save herself the money and do it by herself.  My mother is amazing!!!

I may not remember that as clearly as my mother and my aunt who came to assist (I am sure mom needed the help to hold me down, I could move my bedroom furniture around at age 2).  I do remember very vividly the ER runs of my own children!! 

Danny was 5 years old and we were happily hosting our first small group meeting from church.  The food was set out, the families had arrived, and my hubby was on his way home from a seminary assignment.  The children were playing out behind our townhouse, being loud and boisterous.  I turned from a conversation in the living room to see our friend Doug carrying my oldest son to me.  Danny was whimpering and Doug caught my eye above his head.  Doug mouthed “it’s broken”.  My world stopped.  I grabbed my phone and tried to call hubby.  No answer meant he was still inside a worship service doing his observation for class.  I then turned to Doug and asked him to drive us to the ER.  I was very illegal sitting in the back with my son on my lap resting his arm on a pillow so it would not move.  That ER visit was probably the best we have had!!  The nurses were attention and soft spoken, the Doctor was encouraging and gentle.  My son was given pain medication almost right away and slept through all the bustle of getting him prepped for the re-setting and cast.  Looking back, it was the most pleasant ER run we have made so far….;-)


Memory Lane

Copy the button and link in!!  I would love to hear about your memories!!

2 thoughts on “Memory Lane”

  1. Kay–I keep meaning to join you on this link-up, sorry it’s taken me so long! I hope this post is suitable. I seem to find myself always reminiscing about the past and how it connects with the present. 🙂

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