Snow Memories

Memory LaneI have always loved snow. I know I mention this a lot, but I finally live in a state where we have snow. I mean lots of snow!!! And I must admit, I am loving it!

Yesterday, Hubby suggested we go up to our favorite haunt with some sleds and have a good old fashioned family sledding excursion. Woohoo!

We chose a well used sledding slope near Independence Mine where other sledders had packed down the 4′ of snow. It was a climb, let me tell you!!! I used snow shoes to hike up the mountain. The whole experience made me remember numerous sledding memories from my Grandpa’s hill. I thought I would share a few 🙂

My grandpa built a house on a dirt road, on the outskirts of Cedar Rapids, IA. The red bungalow with a flat topped garaged wasn’t the most memorable aspect of Grandpa’s house. It was the massive sledding hill out back!! By the time grandkids came along, his house sat uphill from a high school. The hill in his backyard emptied out into the parking lot of the high school, giving us the safety and freedom to spend hours slipping down and hiking up the hill. The parking lot at the bottom also provided a ramp for us to attempt to break ourselves on a regular basis 😉

I remember piling onto my Grandpa’s long wooden tobaggon with my cousins and racing down the hill, screaming along with everyone else.

I remember the time my cousin Abby wiped out 4 cousins while cruising down the hill (I guess she didn’t steer well?)

I remember my cousin Josh and Mitch launching over the ramp and wondering if they were ever going to touch down again.

I remember the year we arrived for Christmas and were greeted with shouts of laughter because my cousins had drizzled water down the hill, creating an ice hazard. Of course we all went down this death trap because someone dared someone who did it and then called us all sissies…

I remember hearing the adults ask each other if they should drag us in to eat, and the response was “they’ll come in when they are hungry”

I remember sledding down the bigger hill on the other side of the parking lot to see who could bounce off the chain link fence of the ball field.

Do you  have winter memories? Would you like to share them? Please feel free to and as always, you are welcome to simply enjoy mine 😉

4 thoughts on “Snow Memories”

  1. We got a little snow here in the south this weekend as well. It didn’t stick for long but the children did get to play in it. Plus, it was falling as we came home from basketball… big, fluffy white flakes…magical! The kids kept exclaiming that it felt like Christmas!Growing up with a dad who was a teacher and a mom who worked in the schools, Snow days were great because everyone got to stay home!

    1. Snow days totally rock!!! Thank you for sharing your memories. Did you guys go outside or also play games inside? One Christmas my sister and I had a Monopoly game that lasted 4 days 🙂

  2. The bit about Abby nearly taking out 4 kids is on video… I don’t think anyone even realized she did it until we watched the tape! And the year we iced the hill… We had to slide without sleds because using them was too dangerous! Ah, good memories!–Layni

    1. Oh that’s funny!! I always thought that the Abby memory was in my brain. I can actually visualize her taking all those people out. So it really was a video that implanted in my brain! Hahahaha

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