Memory Lane

Memory LaneWelcome, y’all, to another waltz down Memory Lane.  Some memories are harrowing, some are straight up hilarious!  Some memories make you grab for the tissue box… this week I share with you a bittersweet memory for me. 

I remember the first time I officially met the woman who was my Mother-in-Law for eight years.  I knew of her in a vague sense.  I saw her at church when she came with Ben during our high school years.  But I never really MET her till the Christmas Ben caught my eye…or I caught his eye.  We were driving in my FIL’s large truck, running through a grocery store, probably working on feeding the mass of Duncan men.

Patty was taller than me by a bunch!  She was the classic ‘cone’ shaped woman and would later joke around about looking pregnant all the time.  Ben takes after her side of the family with his muscled frame and pointy feet 😉  I remember us getting back into the truck with food items, I remember her having to step out of the truck to whack the starter with a wrench to get it to turn over, and she climbed back in. She paused to look over at me, then stated “You know, I don’t know you very well, but I think you are just what Ben needs.  I am real glad you guys got over it and got together.”

She was that sort of outspoken.  It caught me off guard, but I came to treasure that outspoken nature.  Her heart was huge, her laughter easy, and she just LOVED being a Grandma.  After raising 3 boys she was tickled pink to get a granddaughter.  She over loaded my girl’s closet with pink, bows, and hair frillies.  She talked on the phone about ANYTHING I ever wanted to say or not say.  She became ‘Mom’ to me.

We lost Patty Summer 2005.  She ignored a lump in her breast till it was really too late.  I happened to be in our home state for her last month.  She no longer had the strength to hold her grand kids, she just asked us to hold them close enough to rub her cheeks on their faces.  She cried when we flew Ben home from DC as a surprise for her 4th of July celebration.  Just a few short weeks later we gathered to place her body into the ground.  We still miss her.  I still hear her voice and I can still hear her tell me she’s “glad I got over it.”


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Memory Lane

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