Friday Fragments!!

Mommy's IdeaWelcome to yet another edition of Friday Fragments!  Please join my host Mrs. 4444 and read all the uncluttering of Friday Fragments.

Let’s all congratulate Unknown Mami on the birth of her new unknown daughter!!  She went quick and I am thankful she did!!  Read about her amazing delivery that I am quite jealous for 😉  Congratulations Unknown Mami!!!

We all should have theme music as we move around life.  It would warn people if the music is bad, and we can get excited if the music is fun!!  My hubby recently downloaded some of our favorite ‘theme’ tunes and the kids were just rocking out to Superman, Darth Vader, Brooke Lizotte’s The Hammer’s Coming Down (this you can only preview on the iTunes store, I could not get it for you to listen too, sorry).  Here are a few of our themes for your preview in case you happen to not know the tunes.  Do you guys have a theme song??

Best and Worst
The best and worst things I heard in my home this week…

“Honey, I think we should play that Superman theme every time you enter a room”

“I just HATE SCHOOL!!  I never want to learn anything ever again!!!”

I have found that one of my personality traits is a serious debility.  I am intense by nature and getting anything focused in my ‘cross hairs’ is a hill I can die on.  This can be absolutely great when I am doing a project… and this can be absolutely HORRIBLE when I am doing a project!!!  I am trying to get our website up and going so it is visible to folks, but hardly anything else in this house is getting done.  OR when I realize that other things need to get done, breaking away from a project is just nearly impossible!!!
We broke down and replaced the stereo in our minivan.  It was a tough call to make but we are trip sort of family and the radio just straight up broke on us.  No CD’s would play and the tape adapter for our van stopped accepting the tape so we couldn’t listen to our iTouch (yes, i said tape adapter, it’s that old!!)
But this new radio was not super expensive and boy is it cool!!!  I can make phone calls via bluetooth on my phone.  I stinkin LOVE THIS FEATURE!!  I called my mother first (of course!!) and her voice rang out through all the speakers of the van.  She sounded like a radio talk show.  Then I called my buddy Jamers, that was funny too.  She promised next time to have a better story and comedic routine figured out 😉
Heard in prayers this week:
“Jesus, hep me to like mommy and daddy…Jesus, hep me to ‘bay mommy and daddy.”
Y’all have a great weekend!!  Thanks for stopping by!

6 thoughts on “Friday Fragments!!”

  1. We have a bluetooth radio in my car although my phone isn’t even connected to it. One day my husband was standing in the driveway talking on his phone when I came home. As I pulled into the driveway, suddenly my radio picked up the signal and I could hear everything his boss was saying to him. It startled me!

  2. I see no mention of you calling ME from your fancy smacy new stereo?? And here I thought I was special :(LOVE that prayer. Too precious.Yes, the Superman theme suits you. I remember you getting things in your crosshairs. You simply a very focused and determined person. It is a good trait!

  3. Ooh that blue tooth feature sounds amazing! I could see that I might get a little too attached to it, and go on drives just to use the speaker feature. 🙂 Hurray for you, though! So glad the radio/stereo is working again. 🙂

  4. Our new radio is COOL! I can’t believe it took us this long to get it.And yes, I agree… you CAN get wrapped around the axle when you get focused on something. But that’s why God gave you me.

  5. My husband has the bluetooth phone thing in his car but I don’t have it in my van. I prefer it that way though as I’m not tempted to be on the phone while driving, even when hands free it’s still a major distraction, apparently it’s something about talking to a person who’s not physically there.I got all teary/happy when I read Unknown Mami’s post :-)Doesn’t that “I hate school” thing just break your heart? My oldest was like that at the end of last year, I felt so helpless. (He seems a lot happier now though.)

  6. Great post of random tidbits! Congrats on the cool new radio! Sweet prayer. You have enough “competition” in your house that they will want to learn again. Younger siblings who “know stuff” have a way of motivating older ones.

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