Surgery Moved

Dad’s surgery got moved to next Tuesday.  His blood thinner didn’t fade off his system to the point the doctor was comfortable doing the surgery.  He did go home this weekend, which he was thrilled about… my mother felt like she was taking home a ticking time bomb 😉

Thank you all for your prayers!!  We hear that triple bypass surgery is not the huge fear factor that is used to be, in fact pretty regularly done.  Yet, when it is your loved one going through it, you tend to see it as being pretty huge 🙂  I know we have been blanketed in prayer and I can’t tell you how comforting that is!!  Thank you all so much!

We never did make it home, the super gross thing has now been passed to my hubby and 3 of our 5 children.  So oh yes, we are having fun!  I can’t believe that a sinus infection and cold could so seriously knock us down like this… but it sure rang my bell!!

3 thoughts on “Surgery Moved”

  1. Kay– Thanks so much for the two updates. I’d been praying for you and your family! And will keep praying that you all get better and that the surgery goes well for your dad. When I last worked in the hospital, I worked in cardiac care and saw bypass surgeries all the time. They really are becoming much more common. I’m sure that your dad, being who is he, will have a speedy recovery. Again, keep us posted. Love to you and yours!

  2. Oh no! I was afraid when you said Ben caught it that the kids would catch it too. So sorry.Glad Dad perked up a bit and got to rest at home. Still praying for him.Yes, they are becoming more common. Grandaddy had a quadruple years ago in his 70’s and kept kicking up until 90ish. Yatemon had one during the time we lived in Sanford, can’t remember the exact time though.

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